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A New Era
in Real Estate

Merging Decentralized Finance and Real World Assets 

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Holders Earn a 2% Dividend in $USDC

Each purchase and sale of the $PADZ token entails a 5% transaction tax. Of this, 3% is allocated to the marketing wallet, funding new initiatives, development efforts, and property acquisitions. The remaining 2% is distributed to token holders as dividends, denominated in $USDC.

Our Mission

Remove the barrier to entry & high cost associated with investing in real estate.

Our Plan

By leveraging the $PADZ token taxes and local and innovative financing, we will secure properties with minimal upfront costs. As the PADZ ecosystem expands, additional properties will be acquired, rehabilitated, and rented to optimize ROI and capital appreciation.

Our Vision

Innovating real estate investment through fractional ownership. The $PADZ token represents ownership in PADZ LLC which invests in sought-after properties across various markets. Our aim is to build a robust portfolio of diverse and desirable real estate assets that appreciate over time, while minimizing risk and ensuring token stability in market downturns.

Our Community

Our community draws accomplished entrepreneurs and novice investors with a shared enthusiasm for real estate, cryptocurrency, and innovation. We prioritize education, transparency, and foundational principles over artificial influence and sensationalism.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you buy physical homes in the real world?
    Yes. These properties represent tangible assets located in prominent urban centers across the world. They are subsequently leased to eligible tenants, who remit monthly rental payments in exchange for occupancy.
  • Why would I invest?
    Real estate is recognized as an appreciating asset, albeit one that typically necessitates significant capital investment. Through the mechanism of fractional ownership, collective participation enables acquisition of these properties, facilitating shared benefits from their appreciation. Furthermore, holders receive a 2% dividend, disbursed in $USDC, from each transaction involving the $PADZ token.
  • How do you find and manage the properties?
    Within each market, there will be a designated PADZ Core Team Member overseeing a select team of rigorously vetted professionals, including a Real Estate Agent, Property Management Company, and Contractor. Our initial focus is on the Canadian market, where we aim to establish a robust and sustainable portfolio. Following the validation of our model and success in this market, we intend to strategically expand into other high-demand and emerging markets.
  • What happens if a home gets trashed?
    Tenants undergo extensive screening processes facilitated by our accredited Property Management Companies. This includes comprehensive assessments encompassing background, criminal, and credit checks, supplemented by thorough reference verification. Additionally, a damage deposit is collected as a precautionary measure. Should the need arise, the PADZ Team is prepared to undertake further legal recourse and collaborate with local authorities to address any pertinent issues.
  • What happens if the housing market crashes?
    Thorough due diligence is conducted by our Core Team across each target market and property prior to acquisition. Diversification is a cornerstone of our strategy, guiding us to procure different property types across multiple markets.In the event of a market downturn, our ability to sustain rental operations remains secure, as we are not compelled to liquidate assets due to tenants effectively covering monthly expenses. The essence of our approach lies in meticulous property selection, as we diligently seek out favorable opportunities poised for appreciation, thereby bolstering risk mitigation efforts.
  • What is the minimum amount someone can invest with?
    There is no minimum investment requirement. A key advantage of cryptocurrency lies in its accessibility, enabling participation with minimal entry costs. With just a few dollars worth of Ethereum, individuals can exchange for $PADZ tokens, which are directly linked to the PADZ ecosystem and its underlying assets.
  • How are decisions made?
    Given the distinctive ownership framework in place, significant decisions will be democratically determined by the community in a decentralized manner. These decisions encompass pivotal matters such as property disposition timing, entrance to or exit from specific geographical markets, and the exploration of alternative asset classes such as multi-family residences, hotel/resort properties, and commercial real estate, among others.
  • How do you manage cryptocurrency and fiat together?
    In each market, a designated financial and legal intermediary will oversee the seamless conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, which is commonly preferred for real estate transactions due to its wider acceptance. Additionally, these intermediaries will manage the secure holding of funds, as many financial institutions mandate that funds in the local currency be held for a minimum of 90 days before lending.


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A Message from the CEO

Thank you for visiting PADZ!

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us or join our community. We look forward to connecting with you.

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